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Angela vs Casey

Posted by hjgj - 1 month ago

@Angelstarfuture311 and @Caseyshowie I am sure you guys saw what I commented on Angela's vent art but I just want to say more about this drama. (If you want a tldr go to the bottom) I personally am not sure who is in the wrong here, I like both of your art and you as people but you just keep arguing and arguing and arguing. So I want to put an end to that. Ik that Angela said in one of her posts that Casey went back on a truce. Now I am not sure what happened there bc I don't think I was following you guys yet. Anyways I propose that there is another truce, this even includes other sites than newgrounds and talking behind each others back would be jerkish you know that.... You guys don't have to be friends, but you don't have to be enemy's either. I will say though, what you guys are getting your fans to do is wrong. For example, Angela you have had 6 news updates in a row concerning Casey, AND you decided to call him a she KNOWING that they were trans. But Casey Angela has been ranting on about you since April 18th 2021!!!! You and your girlfriend have been causing her trouble for a while. Now idc who started it but like the teachers in elementary school said: Idc who started, I am gonna finish it. So you two need to chill out with each other. Angela just stop posting about him, HECK BLOCK HIM FOR ALL I CARE!! Same goes for you Casey Ik you are both tired of this nonsense so do something about it. Also stop getting your fans to spam 0 stars on the others art! I see more of this on Casey's art but it still happens on Angela's art. Please share this message with your fans and end this madness. If you keep going at each others necks this will never end. Anyways yeah just chill alright? iu_427450_9539706.png

Let the answer be yes.

ALSO TLDR: You are both cool but you are both wrong, get over it, block each other. The end.



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Man, I'm gonna tell you know, stay away from that dumpster fire that is the fight between Angela and Casey. These two have been fighting since the dawn of time, and as much as it's fun to watch what looks like two homeless people arguing who's more homeless, you're better off doing something else.

If you have neither integrity nor dignity nor shame, though, feel free to join their stupid war, but I know that you know that you're a better person than that.

I just want it to end bc I like them both and I just wish it wasn't like this. I am just trying to put an end to their stupid war and let these groups of people be cool with each other again.